Frequently Asked Questions

You can invite your friends, classmates, even buy ads and share your referral links on facebook, instagram, twitter, any other website that looks like youtube.

The amount of money each user earns varies between the user's membership, the type and quantity of advertisements the user has viewed, the number of referrals the user has and the number of advertisements those referrals view.

The points you get from your work on the site.  Convert your points to use them to purchase advertising or upgrade your account!

Go to your personal account. Click on the banner menu, you will find the banners we have prepared for you, share them on social networks.

Yes, check the "Buy Referrals" menu from my account page.

In the "referrals" sections of your account, you can see all your referrals at three levels, as well as their membership tariff.

From the My Account page, click on the Extend Membership menu option. You will see the membership upgrade and earning options.

Not required. You can make money without it. But if you pay for membership, you earn up to 300% for your own clicks. Also, the reward of clicks and the purchase of tariffs with referrals will be higher depending on your team and can reach up to $ 20,000 per month.

No, this is prohibited. Otherwise, all accounts will be blocked, as well as your IP address

Yes, you can, but you must contact support team from your old email address and ask to change your old address to the new one.

You use your earnings in your account for advertising purposes on our website. You cannot withdraw money.

You can use your additional  to pay for any advertising service with FeesBtc.

Funds received from the added fund balance are not returned and transferred to "Profit balance".

You made the right choice, we guarantee high-quality advertising for your business.

1. Register on the FeesBtc website

2. Top-up the "Purchase balance"

3. Find the "advertising" section in the left menu

4. Select one or more advertising opportunities suitable for you

5. Fill in all the required fields

6. Get new clients and referrals! 

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